Moduli spaces of (bi)algebra structures in topology and geometry [article]

Sinan Yalin
2016 arXiv   pre-print
After introducing some motivations for this survey, we describe a formalism to parametrize a wide class of algebraic structures occurring naturally in various problems of topology, geometry and mathematical physics. This allows us to define an "up to homotopy version" of algebraic structures which is coherent (in the sense of ∞-category theory) at a high level of generality. To understand the classification and deformation theory of these structures on a given object, a relevant idea inspired
more » ... geometry is to gather them in a moduli space with nice homotopical and geometric properties. Derived geometry provides the appropriate framework to describe moduli spaces classifying objects up to weak equivalences and encoding in a geometrically meaningful way their deformation and obstruction theory. As an instance of the power of such methods, I will describe several results of a joint work with Gregory Ginot related to longstanding conjectures in deformation theory of bialgebras, E_n-algebras and quantum group theory.
arXiv:1611.03662v2 fatcat:5hlpkm4ydngxjeyi4klcb5c6mq