Implant placement using CBCT guided stent and conventional stent-A case report

Chippalapally Kumar, Chitturi Kumar, Machha Sujesh, Suvvati Priyalatha, Guguloth Harilal, Graduate Student
Treatment planning of dental implant therapy is one of the biggest problem where practitioners face is whether to employ conventional or guided surgery. As with many clinical considerations, treatment plan depends upon the unique circumstances of each case and the preferences of the practitioner. Conventional method implant is placed according to the available diagnostic information, is a cost-effective approach that is advantageous in many cases. Guided surgery implant is placed by creating
more » ... eotomy through a digitally designed and printed surgical guide, has the potential to afford the highest level of precision and control, and can be invaluable depending on the complexity of the case and the anatomy of the patient. This case report discusses implant placement in completely edentulous maxilla using CBCT guided stent and partially edentulous mandible using conventional stent.