Free-molecular gas flow through the high-frequency oscillating membrane

Artem Yakunchikov, Valery Kovalev, Vasili Kosiantchouk
Membrane technologies are essential in many areas, mainly for the filtration and purification of liquids and gases, separating mixtures and as functional components of modern micro-and nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS, NEMS). Modern production techniques allow to obtain membranes with a wide range of characteristics. One type of membranestrack membranes are produced by irradiation of polymeric films of high-energy particles (accelerated heavy ions or fission fragments). In that way the
more » ... n that way the through holes ("tracks") are formed in the film. The resulting pores are linear and have small variation in diameterless than 5%, their diameter can be 10 -100 nm. Thus, the main distinguishing features of the track membranessmall thickness and high uniformity of the pore size. In this paper the possibility of using a high frequency oscillating track membranes as diffusion membranes for gas separation was studied. High frequency forced oscillation of the membrane was considered because of assumption that the membrane conductivity for a given gas can be controlled by varying the frequency and amplitude of oscillation. The problem about free-molecular gas flow through a oscillating in its plane membrane was stated and the possibility of separation of gases using such a device was investigated. The gas flow through moving membrane was studied. Membrane was simulated by rigid body with straight cylindrical channels. Channels length was L
doi:10.1063/1.4902680 fatcat:esghdcohrvgjxjcxbozw3fvyty