GNEMRE DBTools : a suite of tools for access, maintenance, and manipulation of seismic data [report]

Sanford Ballard, Jennifer E. Lewis
2007 unpublished
DBTools is comprised of a suite of applications for manipulating data in a database. While loading data into a database is a relatively simple operation, loading data intelligently is deceptively difficult. Loading data intelligently means: not duplicating information already in the database, associating new information with related information already in the database, and maintaining a mapping of identification numbers in the input data to existing or new identification numbers in the database
more » ... to prevent conflicts between the input data and the existing data. Most DBTools applications utilize DBUtilLib -a Java library with functionality supporting database, flatfile, and XML data formats. DBUtilLib is written in a completely generic manner. No schema specific information is embedded within the code; all such information comes from external sources. This approach makes the DBTools applications immune to most schema changes such as addition/deletion of columns from a table or changes to the size of a particular data element.
doi:10.2172/920809 fatcat:ntre2latavhlvah43zyp5y5m4u