Gonorrhœa and Syphilis — A Review

1859 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Perhaps no diseases have enlisted more attention, first ami hist, than those which are considered in the treatise which we have under review at the present time. And surely none deserve more faithful investigation. An honest, persevering study of them, alike rewards the medical practitioner and helps to rescue thousands from the most appalling Bufferings; and from death itself, in no inconsiderable number of instances. We have many truly invaluable works upon Venereal Diseases, ami upon some of
more » ... them the classic stamp has long been impressed. Who tlocs not turn with veneration to the pages of Hunter, and who has not learned of Garmichael? In more modern days, who of our profession has not been at once pleased and instructed by the lively and graphie teachings of the American-born Rioord, who has for so lonea time ruled the domain of discovery in venereal pathology, and merited the title of the Prince of Syphilographers ? And if we lend a willing ear to the voice of Vidal, or to the truthful descriptions of Erasmus Wilson, we can never ignore the elevated claims of the celebrated physician of L'Hôpital du Midi and of Lourcino. He has won a fame of which nothing can deprive him-and rendered inestimable services to suffering humanity. The inquiring medical mind, pursuing tho path of legitimate and careful progress in which it should ever be found, has, within the last few years, been occupied in the closest scrutiny of the phenomena of venereal affections, endeavoring to sift the wheat from the chalí, and to increase the amount of the former. There is, at the same time, much that is both profitable and disadvantageous in the process. Many knotty points have involved authors in nearly * A Treatise on Gonorrh\l=oe\a a n d Syphilis.
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