Forensic Graphology: Assessment of Personality

Amarnath Mishra
2017 Foresic Research & Criminology International Journal  
The analysis of handwriting has been studied for almost four hundred years. Forensic graphology is the study of handwriting. It is unique meaning and has many things for the study. Integrative graphology focuses on various strokes and their relation to personality of an individual. Holistic graphology is based on form, movement during writing, and use of space. Forensic investigators use handwriting pattern/technology to determine personality traits of an individual. In different agencies use
more » ... aphology for checking application for jobs, recruitment procedure, compatibility for marriage, career guidance, motivates different employees and child behavior and development. In this study we discussed that forensic graphology helps in analyzing handwriting on ransom notes in kidnapping cases or blackmailing letters or in the cases of pen poison letters. It helps in investigation by determining the psychological state of the writer, identifying the writer as well as helping in criminal profiling. The various features of handwriting (such as, spacing, margins, pen pressure, size of the letters etc.) are discussed in this report as well as their significance in describing various behavioral aspects of the persons.
doi:10.15406/frcij.2017.04.00097 fatcat:sdsrwpsxgzfx7bjpmonfeqj7ze