Avifauna del Caribe sur asociada a ecosistemas alterados en Limón, Costa Rica

Juan Carlos Villegas Arguedas, Jorge Villalobos Céspedes
1969 Cuadernos de investigación UNED  
Southern Caribbean avifauna associated with altered ecosystems in Limón, Costa Rica. The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, one of the areas with higher bird species richness in the country, is the main migratory route in Central America. We sampled the coast with visual counts (April-October 2002) and counted 1 639 individuals of 123 species in 14 sample sites from Moin to Cahuita. The most common species were Psarocolius montezuma (Montezuma Oropendola), Ramphocelus passerinii (Passerini's
more » ... (Passerini's Tanager) and Oryzoborus funereus (Thick-billed Seed-Finch). Most were in cattle land with isolated trees, followed by rivers and streams and the logged forest. Penshurt had the highest relative abundance, followed by Miravalles and Tuba Creek; the site with the lowest relative abundance was Tomatal. A cluster model indicated significant differences in avifauna composition. Pastures with trees, gardens, and mixed stands were the most diverse and had more birds. Vulnerable forest species occur in these forest remnants that are important for their conservation.
doi:10.22458/urj.v6i2.623 fatcat:d2h4vkjjhrhwrnut7gjicyk3hq