The Method of Leakage Policy Development

Ecevit Eyduran, A Orhan, Ecevit Eyduran, Taner Özdem¥r
2006 Journal of Applied Science Research   unpublished
Drinking, using and irrigating water are delivered to the subscription using a transmission system after going out of the source. Water is delivered to subscription using main pipes-storage, networks, house connections, housing installation complex and sort of pipes, values, suckers and professional meters. This way sometimes covers hundreds or even thousands km. Water known as flowing liquid, is not enough to reach its place physically. It is necessary for water to reach its place in a safety
more » ... place in a safety healthy and sufficient way. It is impossible to reduce leakage water into lowest level for system of supplying water. The only thing to be done for leakage water is to keep up it at the same level. There is no way to reduce the leakage water under the level of 5% even on the well organized and well managed transmission system. Today; to keep the leakage water at the level of 15 % is a big success. Many cities, towns and countries are delivered to water taken off sources, to it is subscription after loosing. It is 30 % and 65 % on the way. The water reached to it is subscription is sometimes inefficient or unhealthy for people. It is necessary to choose and practice rational method in order to find out the level of leakage water.