Throughput Maximization with S-graph Framework using Global Branching Tree

Tibor Holczinger, Ákos Orosz
2015 MACRo 2015  
Majozi and Friedler [3] developed the first approach for throughput maximization, which has no need for the optimal number of time points a-priori. The feasibility of a sequence of subproblems is examined with guided search driven S-graph based approach. Although, the approach has proved to be efficient for several problems [1], it can be developed further to increase the size of addressable cases. In the original approach, a branching tree is generated for each subproblem separately, even
more » ... parately, even though these trees can have significantly large overlaps. The presented approach exploits this redundancy to reduce the computational needs for industrial scale problems.
doi:10.1515/macro-2015-0020 fatcat:k5pd2tc725ghfj3ehwz6rwn2su