Influence of Thermodiffusion on Time Dependent Casson Fluid Flow past a Wavy Surface

B Ramadevi, J Ramana Reddy, V Sugunamma
International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences   unpublished
The characteristics of unsteady motion of Casson fluid over a wavy surface with magnetic field is studied. The energy and diffusion equations are encompassed with radiation, heat source and thermo diffusion effects. The flow governing equations have been solved using regular perturbation technique. MATLAB bvp4c package is for discerning the impact of governing parameters on the usual flow profiles. various pertinent parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration profiles of the Casson
more » ... es of the Casson fluid flow. The frictional factor, heat and mass transfer coefficients are tabulated for the same parameters. From this analysis, it is worth mentioning that a hike in fluid viscosity slowdowns the velocity profiles but the result is opposite with Soret effect. Also, accelerating values of radiation parameter uplifts the rate of mass and heat transport but controls the shear stress.