Conformal Field Theory, Vertex Operator Algebra and Stochastic Loewner Evolution in Ising Model [article]

Ali Zahabi
2015 arXiv   pre-print
We review the algebraic and analytic aspects of the conformal field theory (CFT) and its relation to the stochastic Loewner evolution (SLE) in an example of the Ising model. We obtain the scaling limit of the correlation functions of Ising free fermions on an arbitrary simply connected two-dimensional domain D. Then, we study the analytic and algebraic aspects of the fermionic CFT on D, using the Fock space formalism of fields, and the Clifford vertex operator algebra (VOA). These constructions
more » ... lead to the conformal field theory of the Fock space fields and the fermionic Fock space of states and their relations in case of the Ising free fermions. Furthermore, we investigate the conformal structure of the fermionic Fock space fields and the Clifford VOA, namely the operator product expansions, correlation functions and differential equations. Finally, by using the Clifford VOA and the fermionic CFT, we investigate a rigorous realization of the CFT/SLE correspondence in the Ising model. First, by studying the relation between the operator formalism in the Clifford VOA and the SLE martingale generators, we find an explicit Fock space for the SLE martingale generators. Second, we obtain a subset of the SLE martingale observables in terms of the correlation functions of fermionic Fock space fields which are constructed from the Clifford VOA.
arXiv:1505.01405v1 fatcat:m6duwzkisjgu3me5dr72yw22k4