Mobile Cultural Heritage Apps for the Digital Literacy of the Dayak Tribe, Borneo, Indonesia

Edy Budiman, Masna Wati, Norhidayat Norhidayat
Digital mobile devices and cultural heritage should be framed within the traditional knowledge management system as an informal learning tool in supporting cultural digital literacy to help build a comprehensive picture of a nation's identity. To this end, the paper develops a mobile cultural heritage application for the traditional knowledge management system of the Dayak tribe in Borneo. The method for its development refers to the 5R Architecture Framework. Information contents for the
more » ... dge management system refer to the cultural heritage domain in UNESCO and the domain of the Indonesian Archipelago Culture Initiatives (IACI) organization. The result was the development of a prototype of a mobile cultural heritage app. It was presented to demonstrate how the use of a cultural framework can offer insight into how 5R adaptation features and IACI content are able to complement traditional cultural heritage pedagogies by providing mobile learning at the Right Time, in the Right Location, to the Right Users, with the right Device and the Right Content.
doi:10.6092/issn.1973-9494/10627 fatcat:uhrcqrwlqrg6tmdev7qoymht7m