The Effects of Coal Tar and Other Chemicals on the Roots of Allium Cepa

M. Levine, H. Bergmann
1936 The American Journal of Cancer  
FIG. 1 7 . ROOT TIP EXPOSED TO 10 PER CEUT COAL TAR EMULSIOS FOR TWLNTY MINUTES Perihlcm cells show effect; slight massing of chromosomes; large vacuoles. X 835. FIG 18. ROOT TIP IN 10 P L R C h N T COAL TAR EMULSIOX FOR FORTY-YIVL MINLTLS Vacuolization of cq toplasm, vacuolate nuclei giving spireme effects. X 835. 309
doi:10.1158/ajc.1936.291 fatcat:yqbgyucwafdfpgbxmufrty6dx4