Study of thermal conductivity and salt-heaving law of coast chlorine saline soil under multiple freezing and thawing cycles

Jin Wei, Qinwen Du
2013 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
In order to further study the thermal conductivity and salt-heaving property of coast chlorine saline soil, the laboratory simulation test research was carried out under the conditions of different initial water contents, salt contents, freezing and thawing cycles and loads. The test results show that the thermal conductivity coefficient increases with the increase of sodium chorine salt content under above zero temperature, and decreases with the increase of salt content under subzero
more » ... re. The thermal conductivity coefficient decreases with the rise of temperature in the subzero temperature section, and increases with the rise of temperature in the above zero temperature section. The temperature-fall range of 5°C ~-10°C is the rapid increase period of salt-heaving quantity. Under freezing and thawing cycle condition, the residual salt-heaving quantity is produced in the saline soil and it shows obvious salt-heaving accumulation. The accumulation weakens with the increase of the freezing and thawing cycle times. The load has obvious inhibition and delay effect on the salt-heaving quantity and the initial expansion temperature.