Oxidation of Distyryl ketone by Quinaldinium fluorochromate: A Kinetic and mechanistic study

K Sekar, S Periyasamy
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
The kinetics of oxidation of distyryl ketone by quinaldinium fluorochromate has been studied in aqueous acetic acid medium. The order of the reaction is found to be one with respect to oxidant and hydrogen ion. The order with respect to substrate is found to be fractional. The rate increases with increase in the percentage of acetic acid. Variation of ionic strength has no effect on the reaction rate. The reaction does not induce the polymerization of acrylonitrile. The products of oxidation
more » ... cts of oxidation have been found to cinnamic acid and phenyl acetaldehyde. The reaction rate has been determined at different temperatures and the activation parameters also calculated. A suitable mechanism consistent with the observed kinetics has been proposed.