Efectividad de una intervención de enfermería sobre abordaje al tabaquismo en personas con un trastorno mental

María Rosario Valera Fernández, Ana María González Cuello, Rosa Aceña Domínguez, Ana Belén Valera Fernández, Antonio Rafael Moreno Poyato, Francina Fonseca Casals
2019 Revista española de enfermería de salud mental  
An important relationship has been found between tobacco use and various mental health-related disorders, with a higher prevalence of consumption, greater dependence on nicotine, lower attempts at abandonment and greater difficulty in achieving withdrawal, with respect to general population. Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of a nursing intervention on smoking approach to generate motivation in the reduction of tobacco consumption or a complete smoking cessation to people with a serious
more » ... ople with a serious mental disorder. Methodology: Pre-post quasi-experimental study, in which 25 users of partial, complete hospitalization and community care services participated.Aninitial interview and a group intervention is carried out. Results: The number of cigarettes is reduced by 9.4 cigarettes/day and the degree of self-efficacy is increased. The degree of nicotine dependence and the motivation to quit smoking are maintained. Improvement of blood pressure and blood pressure values. Conclusions:People with a mental disorder are motivated and interested in quitting their tobacco use. Keywords: tobacco, mental disorder, intervention, nursing, hospitalization.
doi:10.35761/reesme.2019.9.02 fatcat:h4hbcdxubvcpjf6dh2cisd7wpa