A Review Of Recent Land Policy Developments In Kenya

Gordon Wayumba
2015 unpublished
Land Policy Reviews in Africa are currently supported by a Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa as developed by the African Union Commission (AUC) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) initiative. The document provides a comprehensive path for the development of land policies and land reforms in Africa with a view to strengthening land rights, enhancing productivity and securing livelihood for the majority of the continents population. The final outcome of the initiative was the
more » ... ramework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa (FGL), which was approved by the Assembly of Africa's Heads of States and Governments in Libya in July 2009. The FGL promotes the need for a shared vision among all stakeholders of a comprehensive and coordinated policy as a major factor in national development. It urges African Governments to pay attention to: (i) the status of land administration systems, land-rights delivery systems, (ii) land governance structures and land institutions, (iii) ensure adequate budgetary allocations for land policy development and implementation, (iv) enable African Governments learn from past successes and setbacks, and (v) make timely adjustments to national land policy processes. The FGL reflects a consensus on land issues, and serves as basis for commitment of African Governments in land policy formulation and implementation, and a foundation for popular participation in improved land governance. Its other fundamental purpose is to engage development partners in resource mobilization and capacity building in support of land policy development and implementation. The FGL considers that land policy is a sine qua non for Africa's realization of its development agenda, and recommends that the FGL be adopted as a toolkit and reference for the development of efficient national and regional land policies and programmes. This paper therefore summarizes recent land policy developments in Kenya based on the above guidelines; and also reviews the challenges that have been observed in the implementation of the new land policy.