On N = 2 compactifications of M-theory to AdS[sub 3] using geometric algebra techniques

E. M. Babalic, I. A. Coman, C. Condeescu, C. I. Lazaroiu, A. Micu
Motivated by open problems in F-theory, we reconsider warped compactifications of M-theory on 8-manifolds to AdS 3 spaces in the presence of a non-trivial field strength of the M-theory 3-form, studying the most general conditions under which such backgrounds preserve N = 2 supersymmetry in three dimensions. In contrast with previous studies, we allow for the most general pair of Majorana generalized Killing pinors on the internal 8-manifold, without imposing any chirality conditions on those
more » ... nditions on those pinors. We also show how such pinors can be lifted to the 9-dimensional metric cone over the compactification 8-manifold. We describe the translation of the generalized Killing pinor equations for such backgrounds to a system of differential and algebraic constraints on certain form-valued pinor bilinears and develop techniques through which such equations can be analysed efficiently.
doi:10.1063/1.4832797 fatcat:wtagnjie2rf6fdhdcos62jd57y