Modern approach to tactics of management of patients with cervical intraepitital neoplasia of easy degree

Liudmila V. Tkachenko, Nataliia I. Sviridova, Tatiana I. Kostenko, Irina A. Gritsenko, Svetlana G. Shishimorova
2020 Гинекология  
Aim. Evaluate the effectiveness of management tactics for patients with mild cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Materials and methods. A comprehensive clinical and laboratory examination of 72 patients aged 18 to 35 years with morphologically verified CIN I was performed. The main group consisted of 36 patients who, along with active observation, were prescribed vaginal suppositories diindolylmethane at a dose of 200 mg per day for 3 months. The comparison group included 36 patients who,
more » ... ing to clinical recommendations, had chosen the tactics of active observation. Results. An analysis of the outcomes of mild squamous intraepithelial lesions after 12 months showed that in the main group CIN I regression was observed in 91.7% of patients, persistence in 8.3% of cases, while in the comparison group CIN I regression was noted in 69. 4% of cases, persistence in 25% of patients, and progression to CIN II in 5.6% of cases. Conclusion. The results of the study suggest that the inclusion of diindolylmethane, which has multi-target antitumor activity, in the treatment of pre-invasive diseases of the cervix in young women.
doi:10.26442/20795696.2020.6.200504 fatcat:35qswijcmbf2tjyzjelqb73wly