Single- and multimodal subvoxel registration of dissimilar medical images using robust similarity measures

Christophoros Nikou, Fabrice Heitz, Jean-Paul Armspach, Izzie-Jacques Namer, Kenneth M. Hanson
1998 Medical Imaging 1998: Image Processing  
Although a large variety of image registration methods have been described in the literature, only a few approaches have attempted to address the rigid registration of medical images showing gross dissimilarities (due for instance to lesion evolution). In the present p a p e r , w e d e v elop data driven registration algorithms, relying on robust pixel similarity metrics, that enable an accurate (subvoxel) rigid registration of dissimilar single or multimodal 2D/3D images. In the proposed
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doi:10.1117/12.310863 dblp:conf/miip/NikouHAN98 fatcat:b3neddypqvaprod7tr47ohl34m