MODA: MOdule Differential Analysis for weighted gene co-expression network [article]

Dong Li, James B. Brown, Luisa Orsini, Zhisong Pan, Guyu Hu, Shan He
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Gene co-expression network differential analysis is designed to help biologists understand gene expression patterns under different condition. By comparing different gene co-expression networks we may find conserved part as well as condition specific set of genes. Taking the network as a collection as modules, we use a sample-saving method to construct condition-specific gene co-expression network, and identify differentially expressed subnetworks as conserved or condition specific modules
more » ... may be associated with biological processes. We have implemented the method as an R package which establishes a pipeline from expression profile to biological explanations. The usefulness of the method is also demonstrated by synthetic data as well as Daphnia magna gene expression data under different environmental stresses.
arXiv:1605.04739v1 fatcat:bxaru32bhjfq5oo4tcl6iuoqqy