Reply on RC2 [peer_review]

Hui Wan
2021 unpublished
Referee comment: In this manuscript, the authors investigate the sensitivity to model timestep of the mean climate within the EAMv1 model. They then methodically scrutinize the response to variations of the model sub-component timesteps in a series of experiments that are designed to attribute the root cause of the model sensitivity to the individual components. Perhaps unsurprisingly to those familiar with model development, the largest deviations can be attributed to the parametrizations of
more » ... rametrizations of clouds and moist convection. Perhaps less predictable is how and where these deviations are -in part due to the direct change C1 GMDD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper to the sub-timestepping of the microphysics scheme and in part arising from timestep sensitivities of their coupling to other components.
doi:10.5194/gmd-2020-330-ac2 fatcat:3wofbhcpuzah7ntppoybpwnfv4