Microwave Brightness of Polar Firn as Measured by Nimbus 5 and 6 ESMR

A. T. C. Chang, B. J. Choudhury, P. Gloersen
1980 Journal of Glaciology  
The microwave emission from a half-space medium characterized by coordinate dependent scattering and absorbing centers has been calculated by numerically solving the radiative transfer equation by the method of invariant imbedding. A Mie scattering phase function and surface polarization have been included in the calculation. Also included are the physical temperature profile and the temperature variation of the index of refraction for ice. Using published values of grain-size and
more » ... ofile data of polar firn, the brightness temperature has been calculated for the 1.55 cm and 0.8 cm wavelengths. For selected regions in Greenland and Antarctica, the results of our calculations are in reasonable agreement with the observed Nimbus-5 and Nimbus-6 ESMR data.
doi:10.1017/s0022143000010303 fatcat:vwwtvxwrznaapeuxru542kobp4