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Ilya S. Geller
2006 Text Retrieval Conference  
In this article I substantiate my position that a human being is a point of accumulation -that is, an object. And based on this assumption I provide a foundation for my ontological justification of Differential Linguistics: I then introduce the understanding that 'becoming better and the best' is what motivates an object to movement (and change). Then I link this position with Egoism, and to achieve an understanding of what Egoism is I find it necessary to bring in the foundations I had
more » ... ly elaborated for the New Mechanics and Differential Philosophy of Cynicism. Then I affirm that an object seeks information in order to 'become better and the best', and I show that information is required egoistically and that the finding of information is made possible by asking two classes of questions: factoid and definition questions. Movement. I know that a part of Reality moves and changes; where I understand movement and change to be the same thing. Based on this premise I formulate the following axiom: Axiom 1. On Movement. Anything that could previously have happened to an object or could happen to it now or in the future constitutes its movement. Definition 2. The Characteristic of an Object's Movement. The characteristic of an object's movement is its acceleration as a quantity, characterizing the speed of change according to numerical value and to direction, in time, of an object; where an object is a set 3 of minimally possible portions of Reality. [2 [Acceleration]] In line with tradition, I consider the aforementioned 'minimally possible portions of Reality' 4 to be 'light quanta' and 'elements (sets) of an object' and refer to them as such, following in this the canons of Relativistic Mechanics, Set Theory and Topology [2 [Set Theory, Topology]; 3 [Quantum Mechanics]]. Definition 3. A Minimally Possible Portion of Reality. I suppose a minimally possible portion of Reality to exist both in time and outside time. What is more: -a minimally possible portion of Reality in a state of rest exists outside time; -a minimally possible portion of Reality in a state of accelerated movement exists in time. A minimally possible portion of Reality is to be either acquired or lost by an object. That is, in speaking of the movement of minimally possible portions of Reality I am speaking of the non-linear character of the process of acquiring or losing that minimal portion -of the character of this process falling under the description of a harmonic function. Later, within the framework of the Definition concerning the Continuousness of Acceleration, I come to an awareness that the non-linear character of the process of acquiring or losing a light quantum is in and of itself that very continuousness. Definition 4. The Universe. That part of Reality which exists in time I call 'the Universe'. Consequently, the Universe consists of objects. Definition 5. Non-Existent Nothing. That part of Reality which exists outside time I call 'Nothing' 5 . Nothing consists of nothing. The New Mechanics. I cannot continue to demonstrate the thesis that a human person is an object without a preliminary formulation of the principles of the New Mechanics. Why a New Mechanics? I know that in the course of the last three hundred years objects and their movements and acceleration have been described exactly (and are so described at present) according to a generally accepted system of Mechanics 6 . But that Mechanics is incapable of explaining the motivation of a pedestrian who, midway from point A to his original destination at point B, suddenly changes his mind and goes to point C. This incapacity obviously comes from the fact that the generally accepted Mechanics is forced to divide the Universe into subjects and objects. My New Mechanics, on the other hand, offers maximally exact explanations for the motivations of any movement by any object, thus avoiding the separation of the Universe into subjects and objects. 1.
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