Anatomical Study of the desert shrub Fagonia L. in Libya

Wafaa Taia, Manaser Ibrahim, Salem Hassan
Ten Fagoni a species grown in the Lib yan Desert wer e s ubject ed i n t his s tud y, Fagoni a arabica L., F. brugui eri DC., F. cretic a L., F . gluti nos a D elile, F. i ndic a Burm., F . microphylla P omel, F. sinaica Boiss ., F . schweinf urthii Hadidi, F. t enuifoli a St eud ., and F. t hebaica Boiss . A nat omic al c haract ers included t he inter nal str uct ures of bot h st ems and l eaves hav e b een inv estigat ed i n the present s tud y. T axonomical key has b een construc ted acc
more » ... ing to t he int ernal struct ures of t he st em s and t he l eav es. The results of AN OV A test indicat ed that fiv e char act ers, number of p hloem fiber patches i n the cort ex, number of parenc hyma l ayers i n the c ortex, ratio betw een p hloem and Vasc ular tiss ue, rati o betw een phl oem and stem r adius and rati o between xyl em and stem radius, are highl y signific antl y diff erent within t he st udied speci es. The previous trials of cl assific ati on hav e b een discus sed acc ording to the obtai ned r esult s.
doi:10.5455/egyjebb.20170406075011 fatcat:xngtu52z7zarpplvnwhckkpxfa