Effect of tea brew on the urinary excretion and tissue- distribution of 14C-Caffeine in the rat

E.H. Karunanayake, S.S.S.B.D.P. Soysa
1985 Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka  
The effect of tea brew on the excretion and tisue distribution of (~-m e t h~l -~~C ) caffeine was investigated. Following oral administration of 14 (I-methyl-C) caffeine t o male and female rats, the radioactivity was excreted (approx. 62% and 70% respectively) mainly in the urine, the greater part of t h e excretion occuring during 12 -24h period; small amounts (approx. 7% and 9% respectively) were found in the urine. In contrast, the oral administration of ( l -m e t l~~l -~~~) caffeine with
more » ... -~~~) caffeine with tea brew resulted in an enhanced (approx. 70% and 78%) urinary excretion of radioactivity. The major urinary excretion again occuring during 1 2 -24h period. Major differences were apparent in the tissuedistribution studies. The radioactivity in the stomach declined faster when caffeine w q administered with tea than when pure caffeine was administered. In contrast, the radioactivity profile for blood showed a higher specific activity over a longer period when caffeine was administered with tea. The overall studies indicate that tea brew, probably reduce time uptake of caffeine and enhances urinary excredon.
doi:10.4038/jnsfsr.v13i1.8347 fatcat:rbbq4u7mknhmljubc2tqk2mnoi