Synthesis, characterization, infrared studies, and thermal analysis of bimetal carboxylates and its decomposition product Co 2 NiO 4

R Manimekalai, C Sinduja, Kalpana Devi
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
A good precursor is foremost in the preparation of nanosized metal or mixed metal oxides. Metal carboxylate-hydrazinates are very good precursors for the synthesis of metal as well as mixed metal oxides as these, most of the times decomposes to nanosized oxides with high surface area at comparatively lower temperatures. In the present study one such novel precursor has been prepared and characterized by IR and TG-DTA. The thermal decomposition of the precursor has also been studied by
more » ... , differential thermal analysis (DTA) and thermogravimetric analysis (TG). The precursor shows dehydrazination followed by decarboxylation to form NiCo 2 O 4. The infrared spectra show N-N stretching frequency at 980 cm-1 which confirms the bidentate bridging hydrazine.