Magnetic resonance semiotics of breast fibroadenomas

S. V. Serebryakova, G. E. Trufanov, V. A. Fokin, E. A. Yukhno
2014 Opuholi Ženskoj Reproduktivnoj Sistemy  
Various benign breast abnormalities are diagnosed in 60% of women in Russia today. This is associated with failure of preoperative recognition of the histological class of an identified nodular mass – its detection is an indication for surgical treatment. By using 67 histologically verified breast fibroadenomas (FA) as an example, the authors describe their magnetic resonance semiotics and present the differential diagnostic criteria used during dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance
more » ... graphy. FAs are characterized by well-defined uniform outlines, homogeneous internal structure, centrifugal and homogeneous accumulation of contrast media through- out the study, without deforming the breast vasculature around. One of the criteria that permit differential diagnosis of FA with malignan- cies is their estimated vascularization.
doi:10.17650/1994-4098-2010-0-2-4-9 doaj:f5f94dc2045b4604acd294108622af26 fatcat:bwszxetmj5efjiqcy35bnha6ae