Physiological properties of grape cluster portions between cultivars and the effect of postharvest cooling on the marketability
포도 품종간 송이 부위별 생리적 특성과 수확 후 냉각과 유통성 관계

Jeong-Ho Min, Byung-Seon Lim, Yeon-Soo Choi, Kyung-Min Lee, Dal-Woo Kim, Yong-Soo Hwang
2012 CNU Journal of Agricultural Science  
Rapid loss of grape berry quality after harvest occurs due to poor postharvest management. Understanding physiological properties between cultivars is required to develop practical technologies to control fast quality deterioration of tables grapes. Physiological characteristics of whole cluster, rachis and berries were examined to find their effects on postharvest behaviour of table grapes. 'Tamnara' showed high respiration rate and browning of rachis compared to 'Campbell Early'. Weight loss
more » ... f rachis of 'Cheongsoo' was highest of three cultivars. Berry decay in 'Cheongsoo' begins at the connection portion between peduncle and berry, and berry decay of 'Cheongsoo' was the most severe among three cultivars. Precooling at 0℃ showed better results than cooling at 10℃ regardless of cultivars but cooling effect decreased when simulated marketing period increased up to 10 days. Plastic film wrapping was effective on reducing decay in general but not at higher marketing temperature. For successful commercialization of newly developed grapes, the inhibition technology of rachis browning in 'Tamnara' is required and decay control in 'Cheongsoo' through establishment of cold chain system is recommended.
doi:10.7744/cnujas.2012.39.1.001 fatcat:rrzpm4bvvjg7lgqxaqua72obui