Seedbed Ecology of Winterfat: Cations in Diaspore Bracts and Their Effect on Germination and Early Plant Growth

D. Terrance Booth
1989 Journal of range management  
The concentr8tions of Ca*, MI++, I(;+, md N8+ in seeds md bncts of winterf8t [Eurotia loMta (Pumb) Moq.] di8sporee were studied Using 8tOnliC 8b8Ol@Xl spectrophotometry. The COIlCentrrtion of c8++ in the brrcts w8S 8bOllt 9 times thit Of seed concentr8tionS. Br8ct 8nd Seed concentntlons for the other c8tionS were more equri. All &ion concentr8tionS were highiy vuirbie. An8iyses of seed for c&ion concentlrtions before 8nd 8fter direpore hnbibition, 8nd tier seed imbibition in prepued c8tion
more » ... ions, revealed signifiernt imbibitionrl incre8~e~ in seed-cation concentrrtions. Incre8ses in seed C8* or N8+ improved moisture 8bsorption 8nd germhution by the seed, 8nd hypocotyl elongation in the seediing. It is concluded th8t di8spore bncts 8re 8 source of nutrients for the winterf8t seed urd thrt these inorgrnic nutrients 8re 8 pO&iVe f8ctor in pi8nt est8biishment.
doi:10.2307/3899467 fatcat:yumkabjnb5ceznxnu67j6jp22a