Radioactive Ion Beam Production Capabilities At The Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility

J. R. Beene, D. T. Dowling, C. J. Gross, R. C. Juras, Y. Liu, M. J. Meigs, A. J. Mendez, W. Nazarewicz, J. W. Sinclair, D. W. Stracener, B. A. Tatum, Floyd D. McDaniel (+1 others)
In the context of the SPIRAL2 radioactive beam facility the production rate of the neutron-rich 15 C nucleus by 18 O(n, α) has been investigated. In a water target of 20 cm 3 , enriched in 18 O and placed behind the neutron converter, a rate of a few 10 10 nuclei per second can be reached with 1 mA of 40 MeV deuterons. A 18 O(n, α) cross-section based on the activation method is proposed. It is intermediate between the highest and lowest evaluations available to date.
doi:10.1063/1.3586168 fatcat:cej6eff5jzerxb26ouysoq3awi