Thermal/Mechanical Response of a Polymer Matrix Composite at Cryogenic Temperatures

Karen S. Whitley, Thomas S. Gates
2004 AIAA Journal  
In order for polymeric-matrix composites to be considered for use as structural materials in the next generation of space transportation systems, the mechanical behavior of these materials at cryogenic temperatures must be investigated. This paper presents experimental data on the residual mechanical properties of a carbon-fiber polymeric composite, IM7/PETI-5, both before and after aging. Both tension and compression modulus and strength were measured at room temperature, -196"C, and -269°C on
more » ... 96"C, and -269°C on five different laminate configurations. One set of specimens was aged isothermally for 576 hours at -184°C in an unconstrained state. Another set of corresponding specimens was aged under constant uniaxial strain for 576 hours at -184°C. Based on the experimental data presented, it is shown that trends in stiffness and strength that result from changes in temperature are not always smooth and consistent. Moreover, it is shown that loading mode and direction are significant for both stiffness and strength, and aging at cryogenic temperature while under load can alter the mechanical properties of pristine, un-aged laminates made of IM7/PETI-5 material.
doi:10.2514/1.1063 fatcat:k2gmjrprszhi7e5jhfuwagtyqi