Room-temperature, rapidly tunable, green-pumped continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator

Kavita Devi, M. Ebrahim-Zadeh
2017 Optics Letters  
We report the first realization of a high-power, singlefrequency, green-pumped continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator (OPO) capable of providing rapid and continuous tuning across wide spectral range in the near-infrared at room temperature. By exploiting the nonlinear crystal of MgO:sPPLT in a fan-out grating design, pumped at 532 nm in the green, the OPO can be tuned continuously across 1097-2100 nm in the idler, with corresponding signal tuning over 712-1033 nm using simple mechanical
more » ... translation of the crystal at fixed temperature. The device can deliver hundreds of mW of idler power across the complete tuning range, with as much as 2.2 W at 1097 nm for 9 W of input pump power at 77% pump depletion. The passive power stability of the generated idler at 1110 nm, measured at 6.8 W of pump power, is better than 1% rms over 30 minutes. The signal frequency stability, measured at 837 nm, is 518 MHz over 2 minutes, with an instantaneous linewidth of 6.9 MHz, in high beam quality.
doi:10.1364/ol.42.002635 pmid:28957303 fatcat:bitsmb7pvncxbef3tuom4ckvuy