H-66 密集市街地における住宅の通風有効利用に関する研究 : (第1報)風圧係数に基づくボイド空間の通風促進効果に関する実験的検討
H-66 A Study on the Cross-Ventilation Characteristics of a Building in the High Density Areas : Part 1 Wind Tunnel Experiment on an Effect on Cross-Ventilation Performance of a Void Space based on Wind Pressure Coefficients

Hideaki Hoshino, Motoyasu KAMATA, Masashi IMANO, Yoshihiko AKAMINE
2006 Techinical Papers of Annual Meeting the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan  
doi:10.18948/shasetaikai.2006.3.0_2269 fatcat:tczqaxakcbeobnzxlbji6p3njq