When Your Motherboard Replaces the Pearly Gates: Black Mirror and the Technology of Today and Tomorrow

Rebecca Anne Peters
2020 Comparative Cinema  
This paper considers five episodes from Charlie Brooker's dystopian science fiction anthology series, Black Mirror (2011–present). The episodes selected are those that—as argued in this text—depict the role of technology as replacing that of religion. To build this claim, they will be compared to one another, to the Christian biblical concepts they mirror, and to historical events related to theological debates within Christianity.Throughout the history of Western civilization, Christian belief
more » ... n, Christian belief has played an important role in shaping cultural ideologies. For that reason, it could be argued that Christian ideas continue to penetrate our cultural narratives today, despite declining self-recognition in the West as religious or spiritual. Concepts of the afterlife, omniscience, vengeance, ostracism and eternal suffering spring up in some of the least expectedplaces within popular culture today. This paper argues that Black Mirror depicts the materialization of these concepts through imagined worlds, thus signaling the modern-day specters of Christianity.
doi:10.31009/cc.2020.v8.i14.02 fatcat:iipezvf7e5dwlelxngafb6dkpq