Organic analysis

1902 The Analyst  
On the Separation of Terpene Alcohols from their Esters by means of Sodium Salicylate. G . Darzens and P. Armingeat. (Bull. SOC. Chinz., 1901, xxv., 1053-1055.)-Charabot and HBbert have recently described a method of separating terpene alcohols from their esters by treating the mixture with a 50 per cent. solution of sodium salicylate, in which only the alcohols were said to be soluble. (Bull. scient. et indust. de la Muison Roure-Bertrand, October 5, 1901 ; cf. ANALYST, xxv., 72, 188.) The
more » ... ors have made experiments with this method, and have come to the conclusion that little reliance can be placed upon it as a quantitative method. Mixtures of linalol, geraniol, and rhodinol with their respective esters were prepared, and the saponification values of the mixtures determined. They were then treated four times with an equal volume of 50 per cent. sodium salicylate solution, and after standing for twenty-four hours t.he insoluble portion was decanted and treated
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