A Copula-Based Simulation of Wave-Induced Pore Water Pressure Gradient and Local Acceleration Within Surf Zone for Natural and Laboratory Barred Beach Profiles

Mohammad Tabasi, Takayuki Suzuki, Daniel T. Cox
2022 Frontiers in Built Environment  
Wave-induced pressure gradients and local accelerations are important interconnected physical mechanisms involving several hydrodynamic and morphodynamic coastal phenomena. Therefore, to provide a reliable and realistic hydrodynamic and morphodynamic simulation, the dependencies among different parameters, such as water level, pressure gradient, local acceleration, and sediment concentration, should be considered. Herein, a copula-based simulation is presented for modeling multivariate
more » ... s and maintaining their statistical characteristics within the surf zone. Archimedean and elliptical copula families are applied to investigate the dependency construction between the parameters in two case studies: one from a field site on the east coast of Japan, and another from a large-scale laboratory barred beach profile. The dependency between variables is evaluated using Kendall's τ correlation coefficient. The water level, pressure gradient, and local acceleration are shown to be significantly correlated. The correlation coefficients between the variables for the natural beach are lower than the laboratory data. The marginal probabilistic distribution functions and their joint probabilities are estimated to simulate the variables using a copula approach. The performance of the simulations is evaluated via the goodness-of-fit test. The analysis shows that the laboratory data are comparable to the field measurements, implying that the laboratory simulation results can be applied universally to model multivariable joint distributions with similar hydrodynamic conditions.
doi:10.3389/fbuil.2022.816020 fatcat:2q2khoi5w5f3hm4qddpah2iuri