Bulk Gauge Fields in the Randall-Sundrum Model [report]

Thomas G Rizzo
1999 unpublished
We explore the consequences of placing the Standard Model gauge elds in the bulk of the recently proposed localized gravity model of Randall and Sundrum. We nd that the Kaluza Klein excitations of these elds are necessarily strongly coupled and we demonstrate that current precision electroweak data constrain the lowest states to lie above ' 23 TeV. Taking the weak scale to be 1 T eV, the resulting implications on the model parameters force the bulk curvature to belarger than the higher
more » ... al Planck scale, violating the consistency of the theory. Hence we conclude that it is disfavored to place the Standard Model gauge elds in the bulk of this model as it is presently formulated. where the Greek indices run over ordinary 4-dimensional spacetime, = kr c j jwith r c
doi:10.2172/15096 fatcat:5xsjzb2govc5xo7efnfjsiv2cy