Healthy and Safety Workplace Design to Enhance Work Performance

L. Nurul Huda
2017 Proceedings of the 1st Public Health International Conference (PHICo 2016)   unpublished
Healthy and safety workplace was studied in one of national crude palm oil plant that located at North Sumatera. There are existed problems such as many flakes of palm oil aorund the dolly, spilled a fresh fruit bunches around the loading ramp, slippery area around tipler and rel track caused by mixing of water and oil that spoilling from boiling etc. Therefor, there found a lot of unhealth and unsafe condition in workplace that can inlfuence to the worker performance. In this paper, the
more » ... s were investigated by 5-S method as one of ergonomic tool to improve the lean manufacturing. It applied the questionnaire semantic scale and the diagnosis result was drawn by a radar-map. The results shown that the poorest average of questionnaire diagnosis of Seiri/Sort is -1 located at Kernel Plant station (w/c-4), Seiton/Simplify is -1,25 located at Workshop station (w/c-7), Seiso/Sweep is -1,67 located at Tripler and Rel Track station (w/c-2), Shitsuke/Standardize is -1,33 located at Tripler and Rel Track station (w/c-2) and Sheiketsu/Suistan is -1 located at Klarifikasi station (w/c-5). All of the radar-maps of 5-S diagnosis are not rose perfectly. These indicated that almost of work-center environment in the plant are very poor and should be improved. It perhaps can improve the healthy and safety of work and work performance of the worker.
doi:10.2991/phico-16.2017.55 fatcat:6ygph32ilrgr7nuip7hrz2il4u