A RDWT and Block-SVD based Dual Watermarking Scheme for Digital Images

Sachin Gaur, Vinay Kumar
2017 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
In the modern era, digital image watermarking is a successful method to protect the multimedia digital data for example copyright protection, content verification, rightful ownership identification, tamper detection etc. In this paper for improving the robustness and security, a Dual watermarking approach using Redundant Discrete Wavelet Transform (RDWT), block based singular value decomposition (SVD) and Arnold transform is presented. There are two gray scale watermarks, one is Prime watermark
more » ... and other is Arnold scrambled Second watermark. Second watermark is embedded into the RDWT transformed Prime watermark in all sub bands to get the processed watermark image. After that transformed gray scale cover image is partitioned into non-overlapping blocks for embedding the processed watermark image by modifying the SVD coefficients of each block to obtain the resultant watermarked image. Now a reverse algorithm is developed to takeout the Prime and Second watermark from noisy image. Analysis and experimental outcomes show that the presented method is more robust against numerous image processing attacks and perform better as compared to previously introduced schemes related to presented work.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2017.080430 fatcat:pbyhlygzhbaovppcq6l5esm4yy