Manifolds of Fixed Points and Duality in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories

Matthew J. Strassler
1996 Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement  
There are many physically interesting superconformal gauge theories in four dimensions. In this talk I discuss a common phenomenon in these theories: the existence of continuous families of infrared fixed points. Well-known examples include finite N=4 and N=2 supersymmetric theories; many finite N=1 examples are known also. These theories are a subset of a much larger class, whose existence can easily be established and understood using the algebraic methods explained here. A relation between
more » ... e N=1 duality of Seiberg and duality in finite N=2 theories is found using this approach, giving further evidence for the former. This talk is based on work with Robert Leigh (hep-th/9503121).
doi:10.1143/ptps.123.373 fatcat:qadcc3hrtnb2vciihakrq6kln4