The Kurdistan Mountain Ranges, Considered in Reference to a Russian Advance on the Tigris Valley

Ralph E. Carr
1878 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
15. Nr. Lajard. " 16. Mr. Layard. " 17. Yr. Ainsrro . ? Jvritten 1Gtli innunrj, Isis. wllicll can cnmrc prosperitj and nbundance. Its climntc i3 mild, tho ac' whicll Erzcroum being unknown hcrc. llic tlicrmomcter rarcly Fn~lrcll~lejt, whercas the utmost hcat docs not rencli higher than from F&rcnheit in tho Bun. ccq-llc Eoil is fertile and cnpnblc of producino anything . . . . ( I he qq~le, the pear, the c h c q , the apri&t, tho fig-tree, thc rinc, s,lpp?f the country d l 1 their fruits: while
more » ... tho shade of the lirnc-tree, pOplof, elm. and mulberry protects it agoinst the hcat of thc summe ,rrictlcs of cegctnblcs wliieli are to be found in the kitchcn-gnrdtns o llople are, with one or two eseeptions onlx, supplied b;F the g r d c \yhrat and bnrlej am p1cntifuI in the districts surrounding the lakc . . 16 q-hc ffocks of numberless S~C C~, bred by the h'urdiah slicphcrd truppl~ the country with meat, wool, butter, nnd chcese, but also pro. Oric markets of Asia Minor, &: a, and Constnntinoplc 16th tlic m a n s of sub Although by tho scope of this paper we are only dircctly w;th thecommunications from Van to the southward, it L! out of plxc to mention herc thnt M i . . Bimt passed orer tllc Rango in 1838, and p x t the SOU~CCS of tho Murad Su EKE steep ascent and an almost prccipitous descent through 1 B-pzid ; and that Texier rcached tkc latter town from Van A recent and important addition to thc gcograpbxof bsin is fmnd in Captain Burnaby's journcj-last winter fro on the northern shore of the lake, o-icr the eastern spurs of " IICY) andfiere the ruins of a fino old khan, its (lark rcccsws, raultc qmious stalla, blncliencd with tho smoke of ccnturies, seemed to marl mure to the south. pat highrap leacling in tlic d q s of Turkish pmpcritj-from C Uagdsd. Wc had croescd this road on the plain of Hinnia (CIIJPJ Erzcroum to Xwh, and thcncc to Bitlis, lcnring to the cast th mhicli scpantcs i t from the 1skc of Iran. Coinmcrcc has dcscrtc years, and its bridgcs and cnrannscrais hare long fallen into d the rcstontion of orclcr and tranquillity to this part of Turkey, t r may bccomc once moro an important thoroughfarc, uniting 1 southern prorincea of thc cnipirc."
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