DA-GAN: Dual Attention Generative Adversarial Network for Cross-Modal Retrieval

Liewu Cai, Lei Zhu, Hongyan Zhang, Xinghui Zhu
2022 Future Internet  
Cross-modal retrieval aims to search samples of one modality via queries of other modalities, which is a hot issue in the community of multimedia. However, two main challenges, i.e., heterogeneity gap and semantic interaction across different modalities, have not been solved efficaciously. Reducing the heterogeneous gap can improve the cross-modal similarity measurement. Meanwhile, modeling cross-modal semantic interaction can capture the semantic correlations more accurately. To this end, this
more » ... paper presents a novel end-to-end framework, called Dual Attention Generative Adversarial Network (DA-GAN). This technique is an adversarial semantic representation model with a dual attention mechanism, i.e., intra-modal attention and inter-modal attention. Intra-modal attention is used to focus on the important semantic feature within a modality, while inter-modal attention is to explore the semantic interaction between different modalities and then represent the high-level semantic correlation more precisely. A dual adversarial learning strategy is designed to generate modality-invariant representations, which can reduce the cross-modal heterogeneity efficiently. The experiments on three commonly used benchmarks show the better performance of DA-GAN than these competitors.
doi:10.3390/fi14020043 fatcat:s6alildx7zdrtc6u4rjlrdj6mm