Classical Monte Carlo Study for Antiferro Quadrupole Orders in a Diamond Lattice

Kazumasa Hattori, Hirokazu Tsunetsugu
2016 Journal of the Physical Society of Japan  
We investigate antiferro quadrupole orders in a diamond lattice under magnetic fields by Monte Carlo simulations for two types of classical effective models. One is an XY model with Z_3 anisotropy, and the other is a two-component phi^4 model with a third-order anisotropy. We confirm that the universality class of the zero-field transition is that for the three-dimensional XY model. Magnetic field corresponds to a Z_3 field in the effective model, and under this field, we find that collinear
more » ... canted antiferro-quadrupole orders compete. Each phase is characterized by symmetry breaking in the sector of (sublattice Z_2)x(reflection Z_2 for the order parameter). When Z_3 anisotropy and magnetic field vary, it turns out that this system is a good playground for various multicritical points; bicritical and tetracritical points emerge in a finite field. Another important finding is about the scaling of parasitic ferro quadrupole order at the zero-field critical point. This is the secondary order parameter induced by the primary antiferro order, and its critical exponent beta'=0.815 clearly differs from the expected value that is twice the value for the primary order parameter. The corresponding correlation length exponent is also different, nu'=0.597(12). We also discuss relation of the present effective quadrupole models with the 3-state Potts model as well as implication to undertanding of orbital orders in Pr-based 1-2-20 compounds.
doi:10.7566/jpsj.85.094001 fatcat:pprw52otkzc3ppq7qxjmkufu7a