A Case Report of Atypical Hyponatremia Caused by Diarrhea Following a Course of Ferrous Sulfate Supplements

Leonard Ranasinghe, Auctores Publishing LLC
2021 Clinical Medical Reviews and Reports  
Hyponatremia, defined as a serum sodium level less than 135 mg/mL, can be euvolemic, hypovolemic, or hypervolemic. Its presentation can be subtle or severe depending on whether the hyponatremia is acute or chronic. This case investigates a geriatric patient who suffered diarrhea and hyponatremia following a course of ferrous sulfate pills for anemia treatment. Given that ferrous sulfate pills usually result in constipation, this presentation was abnormal. Literature review and comparison to
more » ... r atypical situations resulted in the conclusion that the patient's diarrhea was likely a result of her Crohn's diagnosis. The subsequent resulting hyponatremia was likely due to this diarrhea coupled with her prescription thiazide diuretic which can cause hyponatremia as a common side effect. This report allows for physicians to understand potential causes behind atypical electrolyte abnormalities in their patients and hence, find an effective treatment plan.
doi:10.31579/2690-8794/058 fatcat:rrvxglsibza3hlpipsnz2flxei