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1870 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
place into the cellular tissue of tho cutis, causing moro or less swelling. In some parts the exudation may collect in considerable quantities, and cause tho epidermis to be raised into bladders. The blood in scarlet fever has not been found to d i filer from tho blood in other acute diseases. The pathological changes of tho internal organs are very various after scarlet fever. Hypera-mia of tho brain and its membranes, and sometimes granulations on the meninges, are found in cases where the
more » ... cases where the head Symptoms have been severe. The mucous membrane of the throat, uvula, and tonsils, is usually found ulcerated, sometimos covered with false membranes. The parotid and submaxillary glands with surrounding cellular tissue, aro often found swollen, infiltrated, and inflamed ; and there is hyperoenila and enlargement of tho pareuchymatous organs] If the scarlet fever has been complicated with Bright's disease, oedema of the whole body and serous effusions into tho serous cavities aro found. The kidneys are hyperiumic and swollen ; their cortical substance has a granular look ; and in tho urinary tubes aro found casts and blood, with fatty degeneration of the epithelial cells.-Medical Times and Gazette.
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