Application of biostimulants influences shoot and root characteristics of seedlings of winter pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Agnieszka Klimek-Kopyra, Angelika Kliszcz, Anna Ślizowska, Dominika Kot
2019 Acta Agrobotanica  
In the cooler regions of Europe, the success of winter pea cultivation depends strongly on proper plant development before winter. Previous research has suggested that plants need to develop short internodes and at least their first two leaves before the arrival of frost. However, this stage of growth is sometimes not reached in the event of late sowing, due to factors such as unpredictable weather conditions or the delayed harvest of a previous crop. An effective solution may be the
more » ... y be the application of plant growth regulators before the sowing of seeds. The aim of this study was to assess the seedling developmental characteristics of winter pea dependent on biostimulator applications in low temperature conditions (4°C). Seven different winter pea cultivars were treated with three biostimulants: Asahi SL, Kelpak SL, and Primus B. After 21 days of seedling development, basic biometrical characteristics were measured (length and weight of shoots and roots). It was found that 'Enduro' and 'Aviron' showed greatest root development, regardless of the applied biostimulants. The highest germination was achieved by 'Aviron'. The efficiency of biostimulators on the cultivars tested was low, although slightly better results were found for Asahi SL in combination with 'Enduro' and 'Aviron'.
doi:10.5586/aa.1771 fatcat:e74flcm5rjeypcrhkadivyoqiu