Bioevaluation of 99mTc-Pipazethate as a potential guide tracer for malignant tumor imaging

marwa Refaye, sabah Khater, dina El sharawy
2022 Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications  
Diagnosis of tumor is one of the most important stages in the treatment, as good quality imaging and accurate analysis means to choose the right and more effective tracer. Therefore, the study of the ability of new radiopharmaceutical compound to track solid tumor became a pioneering field. Thus, the study of pipazethate as a possible solid tumor marker was in our scope. It was labeled with technetium reaching a (RCY) radiochemical yield of 96.5%, using SnCl2 .2H2O as a reducing agent. A
more » ... ribution study of 99m Tc-Pip in tumored mice was performed which revealed the capability of the complex to image solid tumor as it was accumulated in the tumor with a concentration of 13% at 30min (p.i) post injection T/NT ratio was considered, the ratio reached 2.9 at 30 min postinjection, and this value confirmed the high sensitivity and selectivity of 99m Tc-Pip to tumor. 99m Tc-Pip passed the (BBB) blood brain barrier reaching the brain in a concentration of 5.8g/tissue at 5 p.i in normal mice while it reached 5.5 g/tissue at 5 p.i in tumored mice. Finally, molecular modeling was applied for prediction of the most energetically stable structure of 99m Tc-pip.
doi:10.21608/ajnsa.2022.115910.1544 fatcat:kcy6p5mhqzeqdnjsg7kc243dcm