A workstation's communication performance benchmark [chapter]

Kurt J. Maly, Ajay Gupta, Satish K. Mynam
1996 Testing of Communicating Systems  
In this paper we propose a communication benchmark suite: BTU(Bits To the User). In the BTU benchmarking process, the vendor supplies a workstation running a UNIX* operating system, we install our benchmark program and connect the workstation to a testbed which emulates a LAN/WAN environment. The benchmark run will submit the workstation to a carefully designed combination of tests. The result is a predictor of what the user, at the application level, can expect in terms of bits sent to or
more » ... ved from a remote host. Our benchmark takes into account concurrent activities such as CPU and I/O activities which compete for resources 011 the test machine. The combination of these activities and concurrent activities on the network will interfere with the test machine's communication performance. The automated BTU benchmark test suite produces results at various levels of abstractions ranging from a single number, characterizing average performance in the style of SPEC92, to a TCP time sequence chart for abnormal behaviors. We intend to serve the user of a workstation by providing information which should enable the users to make a reasonable judgment when acquiring a workstation with a specific configuration within certain cost constraints. Our results when used along with existing benchmarks will make a powerful combination for predicting overall performance. Neither price nor SPECmarks are as good a predictor of communication performance as that measured by BTUs. We conclude this paper with a discussion of extensions to faster *TM of US/' , Inc. B. Baumgarten et al. (eds.), Testing of Communicating Systems
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35062-2_5 fatcat:gn4zrfnfrnc3tjdsoy6l2qxkuy