Gadolinium trisilicide − a paramagnetic representative of the YbSi3 type series

Teuta Neziraj, Katrin Meier-Kirchner, Walter Schnelle, Steffen Wirth, Yuri Grin, Ulrich Schwarz
2022 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
Binary gadolinium trisilicide GdSi3 was prepared by high-pressure high-temperature synthesis at typically 9.5(5) GPa and 870 K before quenching to ambient conditions. At ambient pressure, GdSi3 exhibits an exothermic decomposition at 647(10) K into the thermodynamically stable phases GdSi2–x and Si, indicating its metastable character. Powder X-ray diffraction data is consistent with the YbSi3-type crystal structure comprising slabs of condensed Si2 dumbbells, which enclose layered arrangements
more » ... of gadolinium cations. Quantum chemical analysis of the chemical bonding shows, that the framework is formed by silicon dumbbells with homopolar bonds. The magnetic moment of 8.13(8) µ B is consistent with Gd4f 7 (Gd3+ state) and antiferromagnetic ordering is observed below 64(1) K.
doi:10.1515/znb-2022-0024 fatcat:gqgjq762ynch3cmszzfnw55vry